Al Sharpton Files FOIA Request to Release Trump’s Tax Returns


Civil rights activist and friend to the Clintons, the Reverend Al Sharpton filed a request in Federal Court this morning using the Freedom Of Information Act to have President Trump’s tax returns from the last two decades released to the public.  Since Sharpton himself has been known to have a  troublesome I.R.S. history, the irony of this undertaking is palpable.

United Nations Ambassador of Irony, Alanis Morrisette remarked that it was even worse than ray-ee-ain on your wedding day.

Sharpton explained to his crowd of thuggish minions that Americans need to know if their commander-in-chief could be compromised by having large holdings and investments with Russian oligarchs, a theory shared by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  It would also effect policy decisions, as America’s Most Chair-Breaking Leader could theoretically be tailoring tax cuts to favor himself, like he did last year.

Also, claiming his son Barron as business expense probably isn’t cool.

Sharpton’s efforts received a thumbs-up from Speaker Pelosi, who has pledged to use her power to expedite the request.  The President, however, has remained uncharacteristically mum, concentrating instead on begging for a useless wall that he’s not going to get.

Pelosi has already even turned down his request for a thirty-two dollar Lego Wall. It’s hard out there for a Potus.
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