BREAKING: 17,983 California Illegals Registered And Voted In 2016

Democrats love to tell us that voter fraud is not real. But recently, thousands of illegals have been found on voter rolls in many states. But the worst found by voting integrity group By the Numbers was California, where almost 25,000 illegal aliens were registered to vote — and a lot of them actually did vote.

“A whopping 17,983 voted in 2016,” says Liberty University voter fraud expert Hejra Prong. “And from their records, they voted for Hilary Clinton. A full 100 percent of them voted for Clinton and other Democrats.”

“Thanks to our efforts, those voters have been removed,” Prong told TheBlaze. “It’s too late to change their impact on 2016, but they won’t cause any trouble in 2020.”

California investigative firm Surefire Intelligence has been enlisted by the state GOP to look into the impact the illegal votes had on the 2016 election. “We are confident that we will produce spectacular results,” firm manager Matthew Cohen told TheBlaze. “We have already identified three counties Trump would have won if not for the heavy concentration of illegal aliens voting illegitimately.”

“Hillary Clinton and the Democrats seem to rely on various dirty tricks to get votes,” Cohen says. “But this is by far the dirtiest we have seen in all our time investigating similar events.”

Voter fraud is real and happens all the time. Democrats are evil. It’s time for a nationwide voter ID law that automatically registers voters as they turn 18. That way we know each vote is legitimate.

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