BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter Just Reminded Liberals What Her Grandma Thought Of Them

Liberals love to celebrate Rosa Parks like she is their personal hero. But in a speech at UCLA, her granddaughter, Muriel Parks-Gouldman, reminded liberals that her grandmother just wasn’t “that into” them.

“My grandmother was a hero,” the granddaughter of the civil rights legend said. “But while the Left uses her to support their ideas, she hated the Democrat Party.”

Ms. Parks-Gouldman reminded the 3,249 assembled students of one of her grandmother’s “most famously forgotten quotes”:

“The Democrats enslaved my mother. The Democrats started the KKK, which oppresses my people. The Drmocrats are the source of all the oppression we all face. Until the Democrat Party is gone, oppression of the black race will remain. Our only hope is the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln. The party that freed the slaves. The party that will free us.”

“She said this in 2000, just four years before she died,” Parks-Gouldman said. “And nothing has changed since then.”

The next time you see Democrats claiming that Republicans are racist, remind them that actual civil rights icons like Rosa Parks disagreed wholeheartedly.

“My grandmother would be proud of us for choosing Donald Trump to lead our nation,” she said to conclude her speech. “She would take pride in the direction we are headed as a nation.”

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