Patriots Win Superbowl : Brady Thanks God, Trump


Superbowl LIII was a spectacular event indeed, but the Los Angeles Liberal Rams couldn’t help but fall to the New England Rightous Patriots, and when time came for the speeches, no one in the Mercedes-Benz Arena was left with a dry eye, as Quarterback Tom Brady exhaustedly spoke to reporters :

“I want to thank God, of course.  For letting me play for the greatest team of all time.  And under the greatest President.  Of all time.  Thank God for President Trump!  I’m going to Disneyland!”

Brady took a victory lap around the stadium decked out in his red MAGA cap, and told the press from Fox News that he looked forward to meeting America’s greatest fumble at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave soon.  Congratulations, PATRIOT!

“Melania! Call Burger King! We’re having company! Some of them are black!”
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Fallis Gunnington is a SuperAmerican from Virginia. He is an open-carrying Trump-training red, white, and black-and-blue ass-kicking machine with Jesus in one corner, and a bald eagle with fangs in the other.

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