Nancy Pelosi Denies Trump’s National Emergency Declaration for ‘Lack of Evidence’

Nancy Pelosi has used her 16th Amendment Powers of the People under the Speakership Clause to end Donald Trump’s emergency disaster order to build a border wall.

Pelosi, along with Chuch Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, announced that the Democrat party would not “stand for being bullied.”

White House Spokesman and Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, told Fox News:

“Pelosi thinks that big gavel of hers is as important as being President. She thinks, erroneously, that she speaks for the people of America. Nothing could be further from the truth. the House of Representatives was elected to serve the president, as it is clearly laid out in Article 2 Section 18. The Senate serves the State Supreme Courts. The American people serve themselves with their votes.

Essentially, if Pelosi steps in Trump will need to take the next step in a National Emergency, which is declaring martial law. The Democrats would lose their minds, and they’d be the ones to blame.”

Pelosi spokesman, Lars Bluto, says Trump’s entire agenda is a lie:

“We wouldn’t call it a lie as much as we would a complete crock of doody. Nothing about his reasoning makes sense. His wall won’t do anything but cost money. Border crossings aren’t a huge issue. They go down year after year.

The issue is a big ugly vanity wall some orange buffoon can name after himself and call the greatest creation ever, when really all it is, is a fence that he can’t build on property he doesn’t own.”

Trump has already filed a motion to acquit the amended appeal and post the case to wit and without prejudice. The Supreme Court will read the President’s remarked and leave them sealed as per the executive ameratus statute but they will still rule by early next week.

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