First Space Force Satellite Takes Pictures That Prove Global Warming is a Hoax

The first successful launch of a Space Force Vehicle happened last night at Andrews Air Force base while President Trump watched. The mini-satellite, the first of three dozen set to be launched this month, went into space undetected, launched from a submarine just offshore.

The Air Force C-96 Missile shot from the TP79 platform of the Nautilus Class USS Peter Gabriel Nuclear Submarine put the mini-satellite into orbit in just 49 seconds.

The tiny vehicle, designated the SFV1488 N.B. Forrest, has the exclusive task of filming the “science” that NASA and the liberal community have manipulated for years.

The satellite did its first run — a million-mile spin around the earth 4000 times in just under a day — and already the results are staggering. The image above, which is overlayed on a NASA image showing nothing but ice, shows that the entire continent of Antarctica is actually perfectly suited for manufacturing and oil drilling.

The “climatologists” want to keep that a secret because if it’s covered in ice, polar bears, and penguins, nobody will want to use it for something good.

As it turns out, whatever life used to be there is long gone. There’s next to no ice. As the glaciers melted, they exposed meadows and farmlands we never knew existed.

Essentially, we’re being lied to by a handful of geeks in lab coats who are desperate to keep their jobs. They’ve been selling this lie for years, with shoddy science they say “97 percent of scientists agree with.”

Yeah? Well, that study also showed that the three percent who wouldn’t agree are the same who won’t listen to the mainstream media and instead watch Fox News.

And they call us brainwashed. Unbelievable.

Trump has called for an immediate expedition to the continent, which the UN declared “off-limits except to preservationists” nearly 80 years ago. Finally, we’ll get the truth about the frozen continent…that may not be frozen after all.

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