7.4 Million Will Be Deported Because of Trump’s National Emergency

7.4 million people who are in this country illegally will be deported due to Trump’s National Emergency. According to the official signed order:

“Anyone inside the United States unlawfully during this emergency will be expelled, regardless of their status of attempting to obtain citizenship.”

That means those “dreamers” can all get out. We don’t care that you were raised here and don’t speak your native language. Even though America is all you know, you’re not truly one of us unless you were born here. That’s the law.

The agency tasked with finding all the illegals and deporting them says it won’t be easy. Spokesman Art Tubolls told Fox News:

“It’s going to be hard. At first, we figured we’d just hang around down south and bring all the brown folks in for questioning. Come to find out, most illegals are Chinese or Canadian. They come here on planes and just don’t leave. No idea how a wall stops that, but it will stop the people from the south with that brown skin. We know they’re trouble, right?”

Yes. Trump has plainly stated that there are no good people south of the US. Some, he assumes are good people, but we have no confirmation. According to White House statistician, Lars Bluto:

“The people from the southern border come here to steal things and get free stuff, whereas the people from Europe, China and Canada are clearly here to live the American dream. The difference is simple to see. The people from South America refuse to learn English. Canadians and Europeans treat it like a first or second language. There has to be a bar set for the quality of people we want here, and Donald Trump is the perfect person to set that bar.”

The CBO says that the operation to expel the illegals will cost ICE more than a billion dollars and cost about $200 billion in lost tax revenue, but at least we’ll finally be safe.

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