BREAKING: 12,000 Illegals Voted For Hillary Clinton

Lock her up!

A further analysis of data showing that 17,000 illegal aliens are on the voter rolls in the state of Texas shows that something fishy happened.

If you remember, Texas (a deep Red state) had a surpringly high number of Clinton voters. Apparently that number was increased by at least 12,337 illegals.

While officials have yet to finish counting the unlawful votes, the Texas Voting Integrity Authority has found “sufficient evidence showing that the former First Lady benefited from at least in the ballpark of 12,000 fraudulent votes.”

Clinton and her allies have long told us that voter fraud doesn’t exist, but here we have it: cold hard numbers showing that it does indeed happen — and that it benefits the Democrat Party.

President Trump has called for an exploratory committee to form an exploratory committee that will seek to determine the exact number of votes Clinton received from illegals nationwide.

”It is important that we identify the culprits in this threat to the American way of life,” President Trump tweeted on Saturday. “If Hillary had any role in organizing this, she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

President Trump says he will not rule out appointing a special council to investigate.

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